Billable Hours

Billable hours can be a way of measuring productivity or a means of applying pressure. If you think your job is high stress, take a moment to think about the lawyers in the UK firm Taylor Wessing. In this firm the details of the employees previous weeks billings are circulated around the office so everyone can have a sticky beak and no doubt a comment at what you have been doing and whether you are sufficently productive. In the words of Taylor Wessing’s spokes person this policy was introduced in the “spirit of competition”.

What do you think of these policies? Should they be implemented at your workplace?

(Rollon Friday and  Lawyers Weekly)


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2 Responses to Billable Hours

  1. Craig Sutton says:

    Absolutely NOT. I worked in a place once where we all had to compete internally for projects in the “spirit of competition”. It made everyone secretive and suspicious. Stupid move in my opinion. It didn’t last long. Great ideas can equally develop with collaboration.
    It seems to me our whole society is now largely (and voraciously) profit driven. Basic humanity and simple comraderie is out the window. The cliché that comes to mind is “dog eats dog”. No wonder a large proportion of people are desperately unhappy with work!
    But we keep going. Hey, next week they are bringing out a green iphone. I must have that!

  2. RehabHub says:

    Good luck with the green i phone! Can you suggest of a more productive way to calculate the cost of work on a case?

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