Personal Security on Home Visits

Do you know what lies behind the door?

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This week we are covering the issue of personal safety when you visit claimants’ homes? Have you ever thought about it? Most of the time people are amazingly kind when you visit them at home but you need to be aware of when things may not go according to plan. After all you are on someone elses turf and there may not be anyone else around.

 Do you Ever Visit Claimants at Home?

We have to watch out for our personal safety no matter where we are visiting people but people’s homes are usually more unpredictable than their workplace. But how can you protect yourself?

First of all, what do you already know about this person? If you haven’t met them before make sure you have a telephone call with them before you go so you can get an idea of what they are like. Also has anyone else had contact with this person? If there is evidence that this person may be agressive or unpredictable, then either don’t go or make sure someone goes with you. Make sure you ask the person if they will be alone when you visit. If not who else will be there? Will there be pets? Is the home you are visiting isolated? Can you park nearby? Are the road surfaces in good quality. Find out in advance if this area has mobile phone coverage? Have you considered carrying a personal alarm with you? Of course, you need to make sure that someone knows where you are going and when to expect you back.

Don’t leave these things to chance. If you regularly visit people at home then sooner or later it is likely that something will go wrong. You need to be alert to protect yourself.


Personal security questions adapted from Safework South Australia OHSW Guidelines. Photo courtesy of Elam Celt – Flikr


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One Response to Personal Security on Home Visits

  1. Sammy says:

    Safety is always a priority. It is generally advisable to meet in the workplace or a public area such as a meeting room in a public library. But if it is absolutely necessary to meet the client at their residence then a method we use is to arrange a mobile call during the first half hour of the meeting to see that all is OK.

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