Apologies to all Rehabhub readers and a question for you……

Yes, we have not updated Rehabhub in a while. Sorry about that. The truth is as a Rehab Consultant my work is sometimes overwhelming. I have just gone through a very busy period. So I now have loads more ideas for Rehabhub. Firstly though I just wanted to ask a question. It would be truly fantastic if everyone who reads this post could add a reply in answer to this question.

It is…… (drumroll),

When do you need to use persuasion in your job?

It is a question I have considered a lot recently. I think as professionals we like to feel we are above doing a sales speil but I think if we take a close look we have to admit the need to persuade people in all sorts of situations and it is worthwhile having a look at how this works.

So please write a comment on this. It will be interesting to get an overview of feelings on this issue.


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2 Responses to Apologies to all Rehabhub readers and a question for you……

  1. I consider persuasion to be a means of making people do something they do not want to do. That is not what my job is about. I assist people to make decisions but the decision remains theirs.

  2. Sammy says:

    I believe that it is important to be able to present all the options to our clients so that they acutally consider all the options available to them. Sometimes injured people can resist interventios that may be helpful to them and can put up defences that really work against them.

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