Influence and Persuasion

Hello Rehabhub readers,

In relation to my last post, I just wanted to comment that I have been thinking lately of how we use our influence in the rehabilitation process. Of course it is important to empower the injured person in their achieving their own goals but isn’t that a form of influence in itself. Our function is to help the injured person progress through the process of rehabilitation. We cannot offer cures and we cannot bully people into imprving their function. What we can offer is a constant process of identiying barriers to their recovery and carefully addressing each one in turn. This is the process. To do this we need to have all parties agreed on what the ultimate goal is. Is it to get the person back to work, to reach a particular level of fucntion etc. And to do this, we need to exercise a great deal of influence to be get agreement from the parties on what the ultimate goal is. The doctor my not be aware of some of the details of the pre-injury job. The injured worker or their family members may be under the impression that they need to be pain free before they go back to work. It is important that, in managing these cases we make it clear to all parties where the case is going and how we are getting there. The best way to do that is to have their input right from the beginning so that the goal is agreed between all parties. This is form of influence and/or persuasion.

On another topic, I have been asked if I would comment on another app which has been designed to help people with memory or planning problems. It is called It’s Done and it allows the use to specify tasks and tick them off in a simple and easy to use manner. You can see a demo by going to the website, click here.  Please note I have not used this app or observed its use but it does sound useful for some people.

How is everyone going with preparation for Christmas? If I don’t get to place another post before then I hope you and your families have a wonderful Christmas time.Thanks for your readership and comments throughout the year and I look forward to talking with you in 2012.

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