Students with disabilities

Students with Disabilities

The government has recently announced additional funding for students with disabilities specifically to help disabled children finish their school education. See here. I was delighted to read that this funding would allow schools to use the money in the most useful way possible for example extra staff in the classroom or assistive technology. The funding covers both public and private schools. The details are still a little unclear as to when this help will be forthcoming or exactly how it is to be applied, however it is great news regardless. We hope that a more permanent solution to assisting students with disabilities will come out of the recommendations of the recent Gonski report in which special additional funding was recommended for children with special requirements such as disabled students. David Gonski who authored the recent report into education highlighted inequities in funding for disabled students and recommended specific funding for schools to assist disabled students.

Application forms for Occupational Therapists

The application forms for registration as an Occupational Therapist have been released and can be accessed here. Remember that you need to have your application in by 30 March to ensure that you are fully registered by 1 July.

I have telephoned Occupational Therapy Australia in relation to the lack of co-ordination between OT Australia’s CPD requirements and the registration board’s CPD requirements and Occupational Therapy Australia said that its CPD requirements are guidelines only to assist in preparing the profession for the requirements of registration.

So according to that advice you do not have to fulfill both sets of CPD requirements if you want to be both registered and a member of your association. Thank goodness for that!!!

Understanding Chronic Pain
I strongly recommend these workshops by Dr Coralie Wales. Anyone who works with people who are in chronic pain should consider attending. I came away with a much better understanding of the experience of my clients and new ways to deal with difficult situations. The level 1 workshop with be run in Sydney on the 6th of March and Mebourne on the 4th of April. Level 2 will be the following day. If you are interested in attending please click here.
Please note that I have no connection to Coralie or her business other than as a participant in the workshop and regular visitor to the website of Chronic Pain Australia of which she is President.


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