Feast or Famine – Time Management

I have to say it is rarely a famine. I am talking about the amount of work I have. I rarely have not enough to do but there are times when I am overwhelmed with work and other times when I have breathing space. I guess that can be said of many jobs.

I recently reflected on how important time management is for Rehab Consultants, especially if you bill by the hour. Personally, I often put a lot more time into a report than I bill for. I feel that it is neccessary to make sure all the details are right before it goes out. That is not to say that I never make any errors but I like to make sure they are few and far between. I also like to make sure my reports flow well and have a sufficient but not too much content. All this takes time and I often don’t bill for the total time a report takes for me to write.

I find that I can save some time by setting up the file in an efficient way in the first place. For example, I use a cover page with all the client’s details. I can refer to this when ever I need that information. I know software such as Case Manager is useful for this sort of thing but I don’t think it suits my situation.

I also use a task list so that I can jump on tasks as soon as I have a free moment rather than looking around for something to do. This works well as I also prioritise the tasks in the list, so the first task I get to is the one that really does need attention before the others.

I was just wondering how other people manage their time to make the best use of any spaces in the day and to get the most done in the least time when things heat up. If you have a commment on this topic please click on the word “comment” below and fill us in on your ideas.


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