Online Forums and Have You Voted Yet!?!

On-Line Forums – Are They a Waste of Time?
How many of us spend time on online forum? I know at different times I have spend too much time talking to people I didn’t even know! This is crazy so I don’t do it any more but I do think there is a professional role for online forums. A professional discussion can take place as easily on line as in person. The benefit of doing it on line is that it is recorded and that other people from far and wide can contribute. This can be a really positive process. How much do you learn from professionals around you? Well that can happen on line too!

Rehab On-Line Forums
I have had a look and most of the occ rehab related professions do not have an online forum. I note that Occupational Therapy Australia does have one (click here) which is a wonderful resource for all OTs, however, right now it is a bit of a ghost town. Unfotunately for our other readers, it is only for OTs and, specifically, members of the association. I would encourage all members of the Australian Occupational Therapists Association to pop in there and make a comment. Go on! Have a winge or a rave about something and just help to get the ball rolling!! I think this forum could be a great resource for all the association members but we have to start using it.

If members of other professions know of other appropriate online forums, please let us know. We would love to be able to provide this information for Rehabhub readers.

Please Vote for Robyne Cottee
Now that we are on the topic of the Australian Occupational Therapists Association, did you know that it is voting time? There are two positions vacant on the board of directors for which members can vote. If you are a member, why not have your say? Have a look at he blurbs about each candidate here and you can put in an email or snail mail vote. You may notice that I am one of the candidates running for election on the board. I really feel strongly about the challenges facing the association right now and think that I have some experience that would allow me to make a unique contribution. I would appreciate your vote! If you have any questions, please contact me on


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One Response to Online Forums and Have You Voted Yet!?!

  1. tdgdesign says:

    I am not an OT, but I find professional forums a useful way to tap into the knowledge base of a profession. If the forum is well moderated and has lots of active members the information is usually quickly provided and helpful. I have used them for this, particularly with IT issues. Also, if you work by yourself, and I do, it is also a good way to keep contact with your peer group.

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