Marketing Yourself

Hope everyone had a restful Easter holiday break. Welcome back.

Some RehabHub readers have asked me to include some more business based information so this week I have put together some resources I find useful for marketing. This is not a guide to marketingin any sense, just a couple of pointers on where you might go.

The net is overloaded with information about marketing in general, but it is not always appropriate in a professional context. Most of the easily accessible and free information is paired up with a whole lot of hype and encourages you to hype your own business or service. Lets not go there!

I just wanted to mention a couple of resources that you may find useful to manage your own marketing rather than paying someone else to do it for you.

Building Your Own Website
You can set up a website quickly and easily yourself on WordPress (which is how I put this website together). Just go to and go through the tutorials. It is probably easier than you expect and free! although you will need to pay for your domain name if you want to use your own domain. If you are hosting your site with wordpress, this is free but you cannot advertise or sell anything on your site. You can, however, have your own business site hosted by wordpress. If you want to do some e commerce trading or you want to advertise on your site, you can transfer to but you will need to pay for a provider other than wordpress to host the site. The differences are explained on the tutorials.

Brochures, Stationery, Press Ads
Now, when it comes to physical marketing material such as brochures, flyers, business cards and press ads, you may be able to do a lot of this yourself. Be careful though, mistakes in this area can be expensive. Have a look at (that is, the Australian website not just .com). Under “Free Stuff” you can download some fantastic free “how to”s on putting together your own marketing material. I recommend the Basic Design Introduction Video.

Good luck with marketing yourself and please let me know if you find these resources useful.


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