Inquiry Into NSW Workers Compensation Scheme

A parliamentary inquiry is a means for a parliaments to find out specific information about a topic. They are a way for the public to have a say. A committee is appointed, from the members of parliament, to conduct the inquiry then submissions are then invited. Usually any interested party can put in an opinion.

The NSW Parliament, Joint Select Committee is currently calling for submissions from interested parties into the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. This is democracy at work, people! If you are in NSW and you feel there is anything that you think could be improved in the workers compensation system then put it out there because parliament is listening right now! If you can put in a submission as part of a group for example, a professional group or as a representative of your company then your submission will have more weight.

When writing the submission you must stick to the terms of reference. Other than that you can say what you think.

It is a good idea to provide evidence for what you are saying if you want to be taken seriously. Also, if you are highlighting problems it is a good idea to give an indication of what you think the solution should be.
Find out more about the inquiry here.

If you are not from NSW and/or you are not involved in Workers Compensation, then keep and an eye out for parliamentary inquiries in your area where you may be able to have your say.

Election to the Board of OT Australia
A sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for me for the Board of the Australian Association of Occupational Therapists. I have been elected to the board. I feel honoured that so many people put their confidence in me and I look forward to representing the needs of each member and in particular, those working in rehabilitation and injury management. Thanks again. Robyne Cottee


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