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I started RehabHub just over a year ago. As a Rehabilitation Consultant, working largely on my own, I found that I was needing to connect with other people in similar roles. I thought other rehab and injury management professionals may be feeling the same way, so I worked out how to set up a website and put RehabHub together. It was slow at first but I am now overwhelmed with the amount of feedback I get from a whole range of different readers. It has been a wonderful experience connecting with Rehab and Injury Management professionals from all over Australia and other coutnries too.

Well, now the time has come to revamp RehabHub and make it even more useful. I want to make sure that what I am writing about really addresses the issues that interest RehabHub readers most.

So this is where you come in. This week I am going to let you do the talking! I would be really grateful if you could let me know either in the comments section below or by emailing me on rehabhub@gmail.com what you want to see on RehabHub in the future. Would you like more information on specific injuries, how about workforce issues? Are you interested in legal issues? Anything else that you are absolutely needing to read about in relation to rehabilitation and injury management? I have had a lot of positive feedback about products that I have featured on the site and thought I might do more of this in the future. Are there any specific products you are interested in?

If you could please put together a few words with your ideas I would appreciate it and together we can make this site even more useful!

And now, over to you……………………………………………

Thanks so much for your input!


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I am the Rehabhub editor
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3 Responses to Have your say now!

  1. Cathy Sutton says:

    Hi Robyne,

    Thanks for asking what it is we’d like to see, most websites simply inundate their readers with what it is they think we want to see. Personally, I’d be grateful if you could post some information relating to workers compensation rights for employers rather than employees. The focus typically falls on the employee and their rights, but most organisations tend to overlook the employers. Anything you can provide would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  2. RehabHub says:

    Thanks Cathy. I will certainly look into employers rights and obligations for you.

  3. Sammy says:

    Hi Robyn, thanks for asking, I would love to see more products on the site. I enjoyed the information about standing work stations.

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