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Rehabilitation and injury management: How does rehabilitation differ from injury management?

What do we do?
The overlap between the terms is large but what ever you call what you do the role is very important. Common law allows for workers injured in the course of their employment to sue for damages from their employer if they can prove certain elements. Under worker’s compensation legislation, and to a lesser extent motor accident legislation, the proof and the strict adherance to those requirements from the worker is relaxed in exchange for an accepted limited liability from the employer. The employer also engages an insurer to manage this aspect of their liability. This is a great thing. It means that workers, employers and insurers are not spending years fighting in courts. Resources can be directed quickly and efficiently to help restore the claimant to their former life. There is nothing fair about a work place or motor accident injuries, particularly serious ones, and in many cases no amount of money can compensate the injured person for what has happend but the goal is to use what is available in the best possible way. Continue reading

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Report of Information Session for National Registration of Occupational Therapy

As promised I attended the information session about National registration of OTs at Westmead Hospital. It was great to be in the company of so many other OTs! For other rehabhub readers I will post on more general rehab/injury management … Continue reading

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Whiplash Associated Disorders 2

Despite these criticisms 2001 the Australian researchers developed new guidelines for the management of Whiplash Associated Disorders. This set of Guidelines was based on the Quebec Task Force findings and included the use research which had been done since the Task Force released it recommneations. This review had international standing. Continue reading

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