Occupational Therapy

We hope there are some services that are useful for you in the blogs below.

You may also like to look at the Australian Occupational Therapy Association’s “Find an OT

If you would like to submit a service in the blog just type in the details and we will post it on the site. Please keep your post brief (around 100 words), outlining what services you would like to recommend for RehabHub readers and any contact details you may have. We welcome notices from services providers themselves and recommendations from people who have used the service.

If we think your post is a bit too long, we will edit down for you. If we don’t think it is relevant or of interest to RehabHub readers, we will remove the post so please be clear about what you offer.


2 Responses to Occupational Therapy

  1. Hello, I love your weblog. Is there some thing I can do to receive updates like a subscription or some thing? I’m sorry I’m not familiar with RSS? http://www.ctctradeshows.com

  2. RehabHub says:

    Yes, if you look to the right of this box. There is a list of items. Under the heading Sign in, there is is an option to register. Registering requries minimal time and info. I really only need your email address. If you register I will alert you everytime I update this blog. Thanks for asking!

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