Career Moves

The Best Injury Mangement Jobs

There are thousands of rehab jobs out there and we would like to provide a one stop shop so RehabHub readers can check it all out.  We encourage potential employers, potential employees, contractors, contractees, recruitment consultants and individual practitioners to post the work you want or work you are offering.

We ask that you to observe some basic requirements.

If you are offering work please:

  • be clear about whether you are a potential employer or an agency,
  • state the essential and preferred criteria,
  • state a salary or rate range, and
  • state the geographical location of the potential work.

We ask anyone posting in this section to keep it brief, around 100 words or less.

We will review each contribution and if we think it is a bit long, we will edit it for you. If we do not think your notice is appropriate for the site, we regret that we will have to remove it.

Good luck in your search!


One Response to Career Moves

  1. RehabHub says:

    Rehabhub contacted by a Rehab Provider in the North West of Sydney who is very keen to take on additional consultants in a contractor role. If you want to know more please email Rehabhub on

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