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Why Belong to a Professional Association?

The cost of living keeps going up and payment for an association may seem like a bit of a luxury but, if you take some time to think about it, being a member of a professional association may be one … Continue reading

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Online Forums and Have You Voted Yet!?!

On-Line Forums – Are They a Waste of Time?
How many of us spend time on online forum? I know at different times I have spend too much time talking to people I didn’t even know! This is crazy so I don’t do it any more but I do think there is a professional role for online forums. A professional discussion can take place as easily on line as in person. The benefit of doing it on line is that it is recorded and that other people from far and wide can contribute. This can be a really positive process. How much do you learn from professionals around you? Well that can happen on line too! Continue reading

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CPD Requirements for Occupational Therapists

The professional association has introduced a requirement for CPD in anticipation of what the registration board would do. If you do not fulfill the requirements then you are not able to be a member of OT Australia (with some exceptions but that is the gist of it). The registration board has also released its CPD requirements. If you fail to meet the requirements of the registration board, your ability to practice will be effected. Ultimately it is possible that you could be prevented as practicing as an OT in Australia. Initial registration does not depend on the completion of the CPD points.
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National Registration for Health Professionals – Urgent Update

If you are a health professional, I am sure you are aware that changes are being made in the registration of some health professions in Australia. The following article will give you a brief outline of those changes. Background Until … Continue reading

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